Fabian: Mi Padre Adoptado

FabianI wanted to walk in Picasso’s footsteps (Pasaje Picasso)  and needed to learn Spanish better first so that I could get off the tourist path. I spent a year before my first trip to Spain studying Spanish in Latin America. One country I studied in was Ecuador where I lived with an Ecuadorian family.  Fabian became my adopted padre.  On a visit a couple years later I gave him this painting.

$82.5 Million Painting

Painted after Van Gogh.  Portrait of Dr. Gachet.

Dr. Gachet watched over Van Gogh in Auvers-sur-Oise.  Van Gogh painted two versions. In 1990, the other version sold for $82.5 million. I sold this painting for a much, much, smaller fortune. Ironically, I still got more for my painting than Van Gogh got for his – of course he was dead….