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Introducing an Art Investment Guarantee

investing-in-art-featureMacDonald Gallery is introducing a new concept to appreciating, collecting and especially investing in art – An Art Investment Guarantee.

The art market can be very daunting, especially for entry level art collectors and I wanted to increase their confidence in knowing that their investment in my art would never decrease in value. Plus, bringing awareness that I will do everything I can to increase their investment.

The program is simple. agrees to buy back any art at the original investment amount, at any time from the original owner. The art investment guarantee is included with the Bill of Sale.

All my art is cataloged and includes a Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity and hologram. This assures the art collector and investor that the artwork is original, and the documentation provides for an increase in value.

Also contributing to the increase in the value of my art is the way in which his art is marketed. Often there is a stigma to how art is marketed or commercialized, but I take my cues from Picasso, doing whatever moves me.  So if my art looks appropriate for an album or book cover, movie set, or even a lady’s purse, I’m ok with it.

Because MacDonald’s art is cataloged, can help collectors locate specific pieces for their collection and likely providing a profit to the current owner.

Currently, I have three remarqued editions that should be of special interest:

My Favorite Flowers
favorite-flowers-thumbThis is one of my favorite paintings. I painted it in about 10 minutes. I have paintings that I have spent days, even weeks or more on, and then did not feel nearly as pleased as I do with “My Favorite Flowers.


Un Ami dans La Nuit
Un-Ami-dans-La-NuitThis remarque is of a painting MacDonald painted in Paris in 2001, and is part of a collection entitled, L’Espirit Libre. I have some very special plans for the L’Espirit Libre collection and wanted to release this print as an opportunity for appreciation in value before the next stage of the collection is revealed.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres - Robert MacDonaldOriginally painted in Chartres, France in 2002, this work is currently available as a fine art print remarque and a canvas print remarque.

Of course, the main purpose of my art is for enjoyment and appreciation on an artistic level, so by taking away any investment concerns I believe my art can be enjoyed even more.

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Pasaje Picasso – The Path


Picasso-Guernica-Bull-HeadThe year preceding my first trip to Spain, I studied Spanish in Costa Rica, Mexico (The Yucatan Valley), Guatemala, Ecuador, and Honduras, while gaining a cultural insight by living with native families.  I had already taken Spanish in college, but it was not enough to have the comfort level I wanted.

I found like Picasso, I became enthralled with the culture south of my country, Images-400x500especially with the Maya and Inca civilizations.  After about a year on Spanish study trips to Latin America – Bueno! I was ready for Spain, but the spirit of Latin America never left me.

In May of 2001, I packed my paints, canvas, clothes, and headed on my Pasaje Picasso which would ended up taking me to just about every significant place where After-Picasso-Guitar-Bowtie-FruitbowlPicasso lived and created his art.  Including Malaga, Picasso’s birthplace, and Madrid, where I tried to live like Picasso spending hours studying Velazquez and Goya in the Prado.  log, and the nights would not be complete without hanging out at the Quatre Gats tavern!

Paris brought a new challenge with the language barrier.  Overcoming this After-Picasso-and-Braqueobstacle to the best I could, I studied French for several months in Paris, while making frequent visits to The Louvre, d’Orsay, Le Musée Picasso, and  Le Musée d’Art Moderne.

Voyage Van Gogh

The most significant, as far as producing paintings go, in Van Gogh’s career: Arles, Saint Remey and Auver sur-Oise are among my favorites!  When I found out that Van Gogh went to Arles in southern France in February 1888 to fulfill his dream of an Artist’s colony.! In February of 2002, 150 years later to the day, I went to Arles to take my Voyage Van Gogh one big step further.  In addition to my own paintings, I often painted many of the same paintings Van Gogh painted in that particular location.  For example in Arles, I painted Café Terrace, Starry Night along the Rhone, and Van Gogh’s Chair.

at-cafe-terrace  After visiting Van Gogh’s room in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence and walking the grounds, I painted a replica of Starry Night. For me, the most dramatic part of the Voyage Van Gogh was Auvers-sur-Oise.  The inspiration was in abundance with the many structures appearing much the same as when Van Gogh painted them in his final days.


I painted this in Arles, France after Van Gogh’s “Cafe La Nuit.”

A little misty eyed I stared lifeless into the small upstairs bedroom of the Ravoux Inn where Van Gogh died and every night I would pass by the Gothic Notre Dame D’Auvers on my nightly walk to Van Gogh’s gravesite.  I have been fortunate tobe able to have traveled extensively to personally view and study Van Gogh’s oeuvres.  So far on my Voyage Van Gogh I have viewed over 90% of all Van Gogh’s works of art available to the public, totaling over 1400 pieces.  Voyage Van Gogh Articles

4 MacDonald Paintings Featured in Willie Nelson’s “Peace in the Valley”



 Peace In The Valley, is the cover of Willie Nelson’s album of the same title.  The painting is a 6’ x 6’ allegorical depiction of the classic gospel song as recorded by Willie Nelson.  For more on the cover painting see: Willie Nelson – Peace In The Valley

The AlphaOmega


The AlphaOmega is is a 6′ x 6′ painting realistically and symbolically visualizing the inseparable relationship of “Creation” and “Destruction” of the universe, i.e. it is a continuous act, and everything occurring in between is only a change of form coming full circle.


Glory Be is of the US flag depicted uncommonly from the back side.  This represents the new sort of “awkward patriotism” we seem to be living in.



I painted Still Life with Bible after Van Gogh especially for the Willie Nelson album.  The words to Willie’s song “Family Bible” appear on top of it in the CD booklet.  Originally, I was going to use a painting of the same subject I had painted years ago.  However, besides painting it  years ago, I also sold it years ago too.  The pictures I had of it were not as good as I would have liked.  I thought about contacting the person who purchased it, but the potential complications of getting it back for better photography seemed to make it more practical to use another version.  Plus I have seen the original Van Gogh painting many times in Amsterdam and always had it in the back of my mind to paint a full scale version.

I think the Van Gogh Bible was a good subject to use with Willie’s Family Bible because Vincent Van Gogh used it as a comparison of his relationship between him and his father.  Van Gogh made the painting of his father’s Bible as a symbol of his father’s faith, which Van Gogh viewed as too traditional making for a strict course of life.  The Bible is open to Isaiah 53 which foretells the coming of the Messiah.  The small book next to it is Émile Zola’s novel “La Joie de vivre” (The Joy of Living) that Van Gogh identified with as a “Bible for modern life”.

As compared to Willie, I think Van Gogh’s Still Life with Bible pairs his traditional views and gospel music juxaposed to his more liberal views.

Willie Nelson Peace In The Valley will be available from most major music sellers, or directly from Promised Land Music.

Fabian: Mi Padre Adoptado

FabianI wanted to walk in Picasso’s footsteps (Pasaje Picasso)  and needed to learn Spanish better first so that I could get off the tourist path. I spent a year before my first trip to Spain studying Spanish in Latin America. One country I studied in was Ecuador where I lived with an Ecuadorian family.  Fabian became my adopted padre.  On a visit a couple years later I gave him this painting.

$82.5 Million Painting

Painted after Van Gogh.  Portrait of Dr. Gachet.

Dr. Gachet watched over Van Gogh in Auvers-sur-Oise.  Van Gogh painted two versions. In 1990, the other version sold for $82.5 million. I sold this painting for a much, much, smaller fortune. Ironically, I still got more for my painting than Van Gogh got for his – of course he was dead….