“Nashville Unstrung”

I believe music is to the ears what  paintings are to the eyes, and to me they are both inseparable art forms.

Like many kids I started doodling and drawing early in life. As for a musician, I got a later start beginning with playing the drums at 10 years old.  Drums became a passion and I never even considered trying to play any other instruments.  Oh, except my mother wanted me to try out for band, but the director made us all play flutophones.  I hated it and the band director hated they way I played it, so much so he didn’t invite me into the band.  My mother cried…  Later, when he found out I wanted to play percussion, he tried me out and I was in!

At some point years later, as a drummer I would start hearing melodies in my head. The sounds became so pronounced that I knew I had to start playing guitar. From guitar I went on to piano to help understand the foundation of music and also simply because I wanted to play the piano. Into my 30s I started playing various instruments from cello and saxophone to REM-guit-sittingIndian flutes.

I have my own studio I call Little Cabin of Dreams which is a great creative outlet for my music. Incidentally, Little Cabin of Dreams is where I mixed and recorded many of the parts on the Willie Nelson Peace in The Valley album.

Over the years music and visual art have mentally merged. I hear music when I paint and I see pictures when I perform music.

I started out as a drummer, I’m not sure what I’ll end up as…