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Art Investment Guarantee

Investment Guarantee

BOSFine-Art-Tube-labelEach piece of art from MacDonald Gallery is guaranteed for its original investment.

The program is simple. agrees to buy back any art at the original investment amount, at any time from the original owner. The art investment guarantee is included with the Bill of Sale.

“The originally named purchaser, may at any time, redeem this Artwork for the original investment from MacDonald Gallery. Or sell the Artwork for a profit to any purchaser. Alternatively, MacDonald Gallery may offer to purchase Artwork at a profit to collector/investor.
To redeem Artwork for original investment, Artwork must be in original undamaged condition and accompanied by all original documentation.”


All MacDonald’s art is cataloged and includes a Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity and hologram.  This assures the art collector and investor that the artwork is original, and the documentation provides for an increase in value.